How Racers Can Avoid Motorbike Accidents

Wind against the hair and feet on the pedal, you feel like you’re on top of the world as your motorbike runs through dirt roads and pavements. Add to that, there are people on the sidelines cheering for your victory. Indeed, motocross racers can’t get enough of the thrill.

The downside is, the game’s too risky especially when the racers neglect the minor details. Sometimes, they become overwhelmed with the tournament that they even forget to adjust their motorcycle helmets. This sounds hilarious, nevertheless this happens in reality.

There’s no stopping avid motocross racers, but there are 3 minor yet critical details they need to mind:

Blind Spots

The terrain is intentionally designed to be challenging. You can expect several steep slopes and the sharp turns that require skills and agility from the rider. While these are factors that cannot be controlled by the racer, becoming extra cautious with your blind spots can help reduce accidents. You need to be focused and mindful of the movements surrounding you. Another racer may overrun you and tip you over in the process.

It also helps to put on the proper head gear. Wear custom motorcycle helmets to ensure good fit. Too tight or loose helmets can also blind the rider at a certain angle.

Your Apparel

Gears matter when racing. You probably bought the latest turbo and adjusted the clutch and brakes to the required mileage. The concern here though is your apparel. Sometimes motocross racers invest too much time, effort and money in motor accessories, they forget their own clothing.

Make sure you wear your motorcycle helmets properly. Buy jackets and pants that fit you snugly. Choose boots that are light and flexible. If you need goggles, choose a pair with photochromic or transition lenses. These lenses darken in sunlight, giving you better visibility without the blinding effects.

If it’s possible for you to have your apparel tailor made for your size, then the better it is. Custom motorcycle helmets, for example, are better than the commercial ones because they fit you right. You can choose designs and materials which make you feel more comfortable and safer, thus avoiding accidents.


Yes, there’s a need to know your limits. Motocross racers can sometimes be too driven to win that they forget about safety. It’s normal to feel challenged, but you need not push yourself too far especially at the expense of your own life. If you foresee the road too steep for the model you’re driving, step on that brake and run down the slope carefully. When you speak of limits, your skills and your bike’s capacity matter.

Also, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically such as performing some stretching days before the competition and setting aside your worries. There are no rooms for distractions when racing.

Again, acknowledge your limitations and your blind spots which normally become critical when turning and maneuvering. You also need to choose your apparel wisely. Motorcycle helmets are as critical as your engine.